The Boob Juice Supply

In case you’re curious, this is how much boob juice I make per day… approximately 10 bottles, each bottle having 6 ounces. She drinks approximately 6 bottles per day, and nurses twice. It’s neat knowing how much she drinks with the bottle.

I can store up to two bottles per day in our freezer. While I was sick, I was making less milk (or rather, just enough for her each day, and no extra). So now I’m getting back to the regular groove of being able to save about 10 to 12 ounces in the freezer per day, outside of what she already drinks. She’s drinking more and more each day, too, so I’m keeping up the supply. At this rate, I’m hoping that I can quit nursing/pumping altogether at around 8 to 9 months, and just start using our freezer supply up until a year. She’ll start solids at 6 months.

All On Our Own

Well, American Thanksgiving came and went. We didn’t celebrate it because we had already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in mid-October. There is a lot to be thankful for this year. A brand new, beautiful baby girl. A warm house and a loving family. What more can a girl ask for?

Yesterday, I had a mini-milestone with Lily Bean. You guys will all think this is very silly, but hear me out! Well, Dave (Daddy) has been home on parental leave ever since the month before Lily was born. Canada gave him the parental leave because I wasn’t a resident yet, so I couldn’t get maternal leave. Well, since then, he’s been at home with us, and been there every single day, all day, with Lily, especially when I’m at work. Because of this, he’s seen all the milestones, the laughs, the giggles, the big things and the little things that Lily has done. Because of this also, he’s been very protective about his little baby girl. Lily can’t go anywhere without him. Seriously. Everywhere we’ve gone, we’ve had Daddy with us. Into Washington state to visit my friends, Daddy was with her, too. To the park, Daddy went with us. To the store, Daddy went with us. To family events of course, Daddy went with us. I hardly ever get any one-on-one time with my little Baby Bean outside of the home (sometimes we each take off on some errands and leave the other parent at home with Lily Bean).

Well, yesterday, for the first time EVER (EVER!!), Lily and I went out by ourselves. Granted, it was just to the doctor’s two blocks from our house, and it was only for an hour, but I was ecstatic! Dave hemmed and hawed and finally said he’ll let me take her to the appointment by myself. Hhehe. He’s very cute about how protective he is of his little girl and his wife.

So there I was, I buckled her into the car seat, took off with her, took her out of the car seat at the doc’s appointment, and went to see the doc with her all on my own. It was so cute. I love all the attention I get when I’m with her. Everyone just flocks to her and talks to her and tells me what a beautiful girl she is. It was so sweet.

When my sisser gets here, we’re going to take off without Daddy to do lots of sight seeing and shopping around Canada. Maybe I can even convince him to let us into Washington again to see some friends too!

It’s a lot easier now, too, to take her anywhere, since she’s big enough for me to hold her in a different position in her sling. Her cute little legs hang out and she just completely relaxes against my body. She looks and looks around, taking in her environment. And when she’s tired, she rests her cute little head against my shoulder and just relaxes. I love my little girl.

Lily still has a bit of the eczema on her cheeks. It’s really stubborn, those spots. Her shoulders and her legs are clearing up nicely. We found out she’s allergic to Burt’s Bees baby lotion. Who would’ve thunk it, huh? She doesn’t have anything that’s chemical-based. Everything I use on her is completely organic and natural and non-animal tested and non-toxic and all that good stuff. Of course, while this helps in the allergenic category, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that babies can be allergic to even natural ingredients. So whatever’s in Burt’s Bees, she’s allergic to it. I had put some on her arms and legs the other week, and within an hour her whole body started burning up and going red, breaking out in hives. I gave her a warm bath immediately (after freaking out for a bit with Dave), and washed the lotion off of her, and put some more prescription cream on her. It went away in a few hours, but dude, that scared the heck out of me.

So now, the doc has made a referral for us to take her to an allergy-specialist pediatrician right here in town. End of December, we got an appointment for it. We’ll figure out once and for all what she’s allergic to. Dr. M. said that most likely, she’s going to grow out of it, as a baby’s skin is very sensitive. Lily just happens to have overly sensitive skin. I think she got it from me. Poor baby.

However, no fever, no breathing problems, no scars. It appears to just be surface allergies, so that’s good.

World Peace

I’ve discovered the secret answer to world peace. Just have all the world politicians get into a room together and look at this photo. It will melt their hearts into loving each other. Hee hee hee. Who can resist being happy and friendly with this photo?!

Do the Roly Poly

Lily Bean is so funny. She’s been trying to convince herself that she can roll over (and she can!! We’ve seen it!), so she does what Dave has called “the Roly Poly”… She rolls from one side to the other (sometimes with our help). She’s already four months, and rolling should be a cinch soon. So yesterday, I put her down on her tummy on her play mat, and walked away for a few minutes. When I came back, she was on her back. She rolled over on her own again and I missed it. Grrr. I have yet to see this in action!!

On the flip side of that, whenever she’s on her back, she’s been trying to roll over onto her tummy. She’d get about half-way onto her side, and then she’d flop back. It’s the cutest thing ever. We have a very strong little girl.

For Christmas this year, my sisser, Sophie will be staying with us for a week. Aunt Sophie will get to meet and visit with Lily Bean for the very first time since she was born. I’m excited about this. I want them to have a really good relationship, but it’s so hard to do because sisser lives so far away (in North Carolina). I guess we’ll just have to make do with what we have. It will be the same situation when/if Sophie has children in the future. Lily Bean will love her Aunt Sophie. I just know it.

4-Month Update

So I’m a little late in this post, but better late than never. It’s been a busy week. This week, we celebrated Dave’s birthday and the very next day we celebrated Lily Bean turning 4 months old. She’s the cutest little 4-month old baby ever! She is doing so many exciting things. She’s learning how to giggle and laugh on command, and she does these awesome little noises when she’s excited and playful… like a squeaky gasp sort of sound. And then she’d kick her legs and wave her arms all excited-like. It’s the cutest thing, and it makes my whole day worthwhile.

Whenever I hear Dido’s song, “Thank You,” I think of Dave and Lily Bean. It’s hard to have a “bad day” when you get to come home to these two every night.

She is really “perfecting” her grabbing motions. She can grab things very well, and she thinks her hands are the most fascinating things ever, especially when she grabs onto things. Everything goes straight to her mouth. She has this deeply concentrated look on her face, and I just want to eat her up.

She giggles and laughs whenever I kiss her hands and tickle her belly. Loud baby “ha ha”s that make you think the world just melted and the vestige landed on her heart. I don’t remember what exactly I lived for before all this, but I find my mind drifting back to her. She is home.

Her rash is clearing up nicely. We took her to the doctor’s on Thursday, and did a 4-month check-up and weigh-in as well. She was diagnosed with having a bit of eczema. Not too serious, but enough to have been prescribed a watery low-dosage cream. Since yesterday, the redness has gone down quite a lot. Her arms and legs are becoming softer, like they were before. The only “redness” are on her cheeks, like they were when this got started. The dryness is gone, and her ear looks so wonderful.

Lily Bean, as of Thursday, weighs in at 11 lbs 12 oz. She is still solidly in the 25th percentile. Teeny tiny little thing. Dr. M was very impressed with how strong she is, and what a happy baby she is. She was quite impressed with Dr. M too. She was all smiles and squeals for her during the visit. And everyone came over and ooh’ed and ahh’ed at what a cute and beautiful baby she is. I was a preening, proud mama.

And now, some photos.

Can you see a bit of the rash? She’s such a trooper.

Rash pretty much gone now, with a bit of redness left over.

My sweet little girl.