Almost 3-Month Update

Lily Bean is growing up so fast! On the 12th, she will be a whopping 3 months old, according to the calendar. However, if we go by weeks, she just hit her 12th week last Saturday. There are so many things she is doing that make us just jump with glee. She’s so awesome.

  • She’s sleeping about 9 to 9.5 hours every night.
  • She is learning her bedtime routine very well: eat, change, in her bassinet by 10p, lights out, music on. She very quickly dozes into sleep within minutes, no fuss, no cry.
  • She is also behaviorally learning that when we put her in her crib or her bassinet, it is “nap time.” All she needs is her binky, a couple of kisses from Mommy and Daddy, and no fuss. Off to sleep she goes.
  • Her bedtime routines are getting much more manageable. She’s still fussy and cranky, but not too much, with periods of happy squeaks and squeals. The fussiest period only lasts about half an hour.
  • She is learning to sit up and stand up with help from Mommy and Daddy. She LOVES it!
  • She’s liking tummy time a lot more now, though still hasn’t figured out that she can roll over (she did it once, so we know she has the mechanics).
  • She’s now fitting into her hats that I got for her (as you can see from some of the photos I’ve been posting in flickr). Before, they were so big for her.
  • She can keep herself busy and entertained if we just leave her on her play mat.
  • Every time she hears me, even if it’s across the room, she can immediately spot where I am, and stops whatever she’s doing to see what I’m doing. SO CUTE!!

Can you believe our little baby girl is growing up so fast?!

3-Month Letter

My lovely little baby girl,

You are turning 3 months in less than week, and I can’t believe how much time flies. Our labor story seems to be just a dream now, whenever I think about how we first met. It seemed like it was years ago that I was in the hospital with a protruding belly. It all happened so quickly, and it is true what they say — that after labor pains and all the blood-curdling pain of giving birth, you quickly forget because you are suddenly blessed with this new life. It is like being handed the whole universe, comprised in such a little package, 6 pounds 10 ounces.

You’ve already reached double digit weight in less than two and a half months. You’re growing so quickly, we can hardly contain ourselves. Your daddy and I can’t keep our eyes off you, and I find that I even miss you when I am asleep. I find that I can’t stay away from you for more than an hour at a time, which makes running errands and going back to work something like climbing Mt. Everest. I can’t imagine never feeling this way again. I forgot what it was like without you, before you were born. I don’t think it was possible, and I am led to believe that all these years without you were spent solely preparing for you. From the day I was born, I was put on this earth to love you, even before you were the size of a bean.

Oh baby, everyday you do new things that make us laugh and giggle and tear up. Everyday, you see me when you wake up and you have the biggest smiles on your face. You talk to me and I want to eat you up. You squeak and squeal at me and I want to know what you’re thinking and what you’re saying. You are such a happy, calm little baby. I am so truly blessed to be your mother. I am the luckiest mommy in the world. I can’t wait until I hear your laugh and giggle on a regular basis, I can’t wait until you can sit up on your own, take your first steps, speak your first words. And when you go off to school, I know I will be willing myself, though failing miserably, not to cry. I can’t wait for all those firsts with you. And I promise you, as the universe is my witness, that I will always be there for you, and I will always love you.

There are many things your daddy and I want for you. We have long talks about what we want to teach you, how we want to guide you, the types of values we want to instill in you. We talk about how we explain “spirituality” to you, and how it differs from simple religion. We talk about how we’re going to explain Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. We talk about how we’re going to talk about politics and war and peace with you. We talk about how we’re going to mold you into being a world peace keeper, because nothing would make us more proud. And yet, the more we talk, the more we realize that whatever you decide to be, as long as you are happy and you are passionate, we will be just as happy and just as passionate.

Do you remember yesterday you and I had a conversation about what you want to do when you grow up? I told you that whatever you decide, I will support you and back you up. Do you want to be a singer or a dancer? Mommy can’t sing and dance if her life depended on it, but I will be there for every recital, every class, every play and every lesson. Do you want to be a scientist? Mommy and Daddy will sign you up for science camp and buy you the latest and greatest science gadgets (much to your daddy’s incredible excitement, I’m sure) and we will spend hours and hours with you exploring what happens when you mix certain acids with bases. Do you want to be an astronaut, or a politician, or a therapist like your Mommy? Do you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a starving artist who lives with passion and not money? Do you want to be a professor, or a writer of novels, or a children’s book illustrator? Do you want to be a journalist, or a photographer, taking photos of how other people live their lives, or photos of nature in its beautiful serenity? Anything you want, baby, and we will do everything we can to support you.

The biggest lesson we want to teach you, baby girl, is that love is the question and the answer. There will be times when you get so angry you don’t know what to do with yourself. There will be times when you get so sad you think the world is ending and you wonder how everyone else can just walk through their days as if your heart isn’t breaking. There will be times when you are so happy that you think that “this” is it, that this is why life is worth living. And throughout all these times, you must know that every single emotion you feel is valid, every single want and need you have is true. They are yours, and you should never ever have to feel wrong or invalid for these feelings, even when they are “bad.” You are entitled to every feeling, and I will teach you how to be okay with them. I will teach you how to be sad and not feel shame. I will teach you how to be angry and not take it out on yourself or others.

We will teach you how to love despite feeling unloved, how to reach out despite feeling lonely, how to be okay despite feeling the world is going to end.

Baby oh baby, there are so many things you have yet to witness and go through and experience. I hope you will always, always know that regardless of where you are in this world, what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and feeling, we will always be your biggest fans.


Your Mama

First Giggle

Last night, while I was in the shower (for 10 minutes!!!), Lily Bean let out her first intentional giggle. Twice!! According to Dave (since I missed the whole darn thing — again!), she was watching Tink clean herself next to her, and Daddy (Dave) went to pet Tink under her chin. After staring for a little while, she let out a cute little giggle because she thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then a few seconds later, she let out another giggle at Tink.

Tink made her GIGGLE!!!!!

I am so bummed that I missed her first giggle, like I missed her first roll over. Grrr. But I know there will be more to come! Here’s a video of her being really talkative and happy with me. Near-giggles, more like squeaks and squeals and grunts, most of the time.

First Play Date

Yesterday Dave and I took Lily Bean across the Canadian border into Washington — her first international outing ever! She met with Corbin and Erin for the first time and had her first play date with another baby. Though she was tired and had just woken up from her car-ride nap, she was curious about why there was another little person the same size as her. At first, she stared and stared at Corbin, not knowing what to make of all this, especially since the two mothers (me and Erin) were just yapping away happily to both babies. It was so adorable! They did tummy time together:

(Here, Lily is probably looking at Erin thinking, “Who the heck is that and how come she’s got a baby too?!”)

And they also sat up and played together — or rather, they sat up while we hoped that they would play together. Corbin is about 3 and a half weeks to a month older than Lily Bean (I’m too lazy to do the actual calculation right now). He was holding his rattle (that I got for him before he was even born!) and Lily seemed interested in what he was doing.

We only stayed for a short bit, since we had to see a lot of people — it was the first time most of my friends have met Lily since she was born. Being in Canada, it makes it a little difficult for everyone to come up to visit us, and it’s just easier that we come down to see everyone all in one shot.

I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the visit, due to the overall ecstatic excitement of my friends, coworkers, and boss. Anne, my boss, was so ecstatic to see Lily, she held her for a good long time, and she even got teary-eyed because she said Lily was so beautiful and such an old soul. Gee, I thought I was the only one who Lily makes cry out of happiness! It was sweet to see. Lily was so good — she let people hold her and she was just happy as a clam, sometimes even talking and chattering away. Martha, my friend and coworker, even got to feed and burp her. We then went out to lunch and Lily slept in her car seat throughout the whole event, so that was nice. She didn’t get cranky until we were at the border crossing back to Canada — homeward bound!

As Lily gets older, I’ll be able to take her across on my own (right now, her daddy is very protective and wants to go everywhere we go.. hehe), and will be likely to stay longer for play dates with other babies and friends. Corbin, watch out, we’re coming back again soon! :)