“OMG I can’t believe it’s not butter!!!”

So Many Pictures

I’ve been consistently taking photos of her pretty much everyday. It makes for a very full hard drive, but I want to document every single little thing she does because it seems like everyday she changes and grows more. It’s such an awesome experience being a mother to a newborn child — everyday is different, everyday she learns new things, everyday she changes.

Because she’s already a month old, things are starting to happen now. Yesterday I noticed she can hold my gaze for longer periods of time and look directly at me while I’m talking to her. This morning, she was making more gurgling and “baby talk” sounds, and when I came to her and responded with talk, she answered me! I tried getting a video of it, and this is the best I got:

She was smiling and giggling and all right before this video was made, and by the time I got the camera, she was dozing off to sleep, so this is all I got. It was the cutest little thing. She was so conversational and interactive. I think this is the first time she’s been this interactive with me for this long. I’m so glad I got at least a little video of it.

Yesterday we went for her one-month vaccination shot, for a particular thing. She was NOT at all happy. I don’t remember the last time Dave and I saw actual tears in her eyes when she cried. It absolutely broke my heart. She was just gurgling and happy and then the shot went in, and it took her a second to register what just happened. When she realized she had just been poked by a needle, all hell broke loose. I was holding her and she hollered and turned red with anger and hurt. Tears ran down her cheeks and I thought, “Good lord, I hope I never see those tears again.” I know I’m in for when she cries in the future. It just breaks my heart.

Last week Dave and I took Gran out to the beach for a nice supper at our favorite Japanese restaurant. It turned out just wonderfully! Lily Bean was tired and a little fussy, but the instant she got into the car seat and then the stroller, she was a happy camper and slept most of the way. She only fussed once but readily went back to sleep as soon as we rocked her. This makes me happy and a little more confident that we can go out more.

proud, sleep-deprived daddy

One-Month Check-Up

Well, here are the general updates from her one-month doctor’s appointment today:

  • She gained weight, woohoo! Up to 8 lbs 1 oz now.
  • I lost weight. A whole bunch, actually. I went down from 136 lbs during the height of my pregnancy to 113 lbs now. I was 99 lbs when I got pregnant.
  • Her head circumference is 14 inches. I don’t recall what it was when she was born though.
  • Beautiful heartbeat, no sign of a heart murmur (that she may have inherited from her mummy).
  • Reflexes are not only good — they’re impressive for her age. The doctor was very impressed how alert and aware she is, and how strong her limbs and head already are.
  • Little white spots on her face are nothing to be concerned about — they’re normal and will disappear.
  • Her sleeping patterns are also normal, albeit a little inconvenient for her parents. They will most likely change on their own in a few days or weeks anyway.
  • She can go as long as 6 hours of not feeding now, but no more than that. (She’s never gone more than four hours before, actually.)
  • I can drive now — I got the doctor’s permission! Still can’t (or not supposed to) lift heavy objects — anything heavier than the baby.

4-Week Update

Well, tomorrow she is officially one month old. Wow, eh? Today we have her one-month doctor’s check-up. I’ll be updating the Baby Vitals subpage on the site afterwards, reporting on how she’s doing and stuff. Hopefully she’s gained a bit of weight and grown a bit. It feels like she got heavier and longer since we brought her home from the hospital… but it’s hard to tell when we see her everyday.

Her sleeping patterns have been very odd. I’m not sure what to make of them. Until yesterday, she was (for the past week or so) waking up at around 4am (almost like clockwork) and will be wired wide awake until about noon or 1pm, with many, many frequent feedings in between. Like, every hour, at least. I’ve been pumping boobie juice and we’ve been bottle feeding her a lot the last week, since it’s faster and it’s less exhausting. She gets a little fussy during these awake hours too, when she seems to be constantly on the move and doesn’t want to bother with the boob. She wants a quick fix. Then, she’d zonk out, literally, for about 7 or 8 hours straight, waking up between every 3 to 4 hours to feed, and quickly falling back asleep, sometimes even before she can burp. So weird. So, she’s been awake and asleep for longer periods of time. I’m going to ask the doc today if that’s normal. Seems odd for a newborn. Regardless though, she’s eating fine and frequently, and peeing and pooping regularly.

I’m pumping more milk than my boobs can handle. In between feedings, sometimes if I go several hours without feeding or pumping, my boobs get engorged. So, overnights are hard because by the time I wake up, my boobs are rock hard and incredibly uncomfortable. I have to feed her immediately or pump immediately. Pumping only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out a 5-ounce bottle. And that’s just each boob! Dang. So now I’m storing milk in the freezer. Should be good for when I go back to work.

Mommy-Baby cuddle last night before bed.

The “I’ve got attitude, don’t mess with me” look.

The Daddy-Baby cuddle: she loves lifting her head to look!

Wide Awake Pipsqueak

This is our lovely little bulldog Pipsqueak when she’s WIDE awake, and when she’s playing on the play mat. We got a picture of her when she first learned how to grab the rings all by herself. She was quite proud and so were we! I think we have a child genius here. Hehe.