Bath and Shower

First bath from July 17, 2008. She was not too impressed with this one, but she began it already a little fussy and annoyed at being woken up, so we weren’t too surprised. Those are my hands giving her a bath. Poor child. She was screaming blue murder.

Here are some photos from her baby shower last night. She was being passed around the room, so she’s not in any of these photos. Just me and Dave.

Play mat from Auntie Kami and Uncle Dan

Pink outfit from Auntie Angela

Carseat mobile from Auntie Kami and Uncle Dan

Pink set from Auntie Kelly and Uncle Tom

Bath, Shower, and More

Yesterday we had Lily Bean’s family baby shower. It was her first “family get-together,” the first of many, many more to come. Pictures to come later, as I didn’t take any since we were the ones opening gifts from the family. She got lots of goodies, the noted ones include a baby swing from her Nana Sylv and Granny (which works like a charm for fussiness, as proven last night!), and a tummy-time play mat from her Aunt Kami and Uncle Dan.

Our baby girl is growing up quite quickly. We see more changes in her everyday. She is lifting her head quite readily and eagerly, curiously looking around the room all the time. Tummy Time will be fun for her on that play mat. She is starting to make giggles and laughs, grunting more often and trying to make noises (lots and lots of squeaks and squeals). It’s like she’s trying out her vocals to see what she can do with them — testing them for later usage when she learns how to speak. She is the cutest little thing ever.

Yesterday I also gave her a bath — the second bath ever (outside of the hospital). She enjoyed it well, but held onto my finger for safety, “just in case.” I can see the trust in her eyes, like she is telling me that although this is the weirdest thing ever (being re-submerged in water after leaving the womb?!), she trusts that I’m taking care of her and she isn’t in danger. I love that look of trust she gives me. Like when I pick her up for a meal, she knows I’m going to feed her and care for her. When I put her on the changing table, she knows she’s getting cleaned. When I hold her and talk to her, she knows I love her and I’m doing this for her. Her eyes are amazing. So aware and intelligent. She can read me like a book. I melt when I see her, and when I am near her.

Another bath from Mommy.

Dolled up in pink from the baby shower.

The miracle swing, from Nana and Granny.

Highlights of Week 2

Quick highlights of today:

  • Lily Bean lost her little belly button extra thingamajig. It was gross, but now she has an official belly button. Heh.
  • She’s learned to feed quite frequently and effectively, sometimes only vigorously nursing for about 15 minutes at a time. This is pretty normal, right? I find she won’t take the nipple after that cuz she’s so tired and satisfied.
  • She’s raising her head during our “tummy times,” often raising her head to look around the room and stuff. Wow, she’s strong.
  • She’s two weeks old today!!
  • Daddy got a real, full-on, awake giggle today!!! I’m totally jealous. I was in the shower and missed it!
  • I cut her fingernails this morning. That was a very nerve wracking experience, but now at least she won’t scratch herself so easily.

Cuddles with The Mama:

Boy, do I look tired. Heh.

Keeping Score

We’ve been trying to get Lily Bean to have her schedule back on days instead of on nights. It worked last night – we kept her up right before bedtime (she did not find that at all impressive) so that when she went to sleep, she would sleep through the night except to feed. She only woke up at 4am and 7am to eat, and then she went promptly back to bed after I burped and changed her. What a good little girl. It allowed me to go back to sleep after feeding her, which was just wonderful, to be honest.

When Dave woke up, he took the “morning” duty so that I can catch up on some more sleep. He went to change her diaper, and in the process of transitioning from old diaper to new, she let him have it. Yup, she pee’d all over his hand and onto her tummy. All of a sudden, I heard him yell out, “OMG!! Ohhh nooo, baby, don’t you know Daddy doesn’t do well with this stuff? Aaahhhh… is this for Mommy? Let’s find Mommy.” Hahah. I went to rescue him and cleaned her up, stripped her down naked and gave her a sponge bath. We had to wash the changing table sheet and her clothes and everything. Poor thing.

So, this is the score:

Mommy: 1 on projectile poop
Daddy: 1 on projectile pee

It’s a dangerous game, changing a diaper. You can’t be too quick.

Beauty in her sleep.

Perfect pose.

A Full Day for Lily Bean

Today we had another outing with the Lily Bean. She really likes the car seat and stroller. Dang! What an easy child when she’s out. Heh. She instantly falls asleep. I keep forgetting to take a picture of her when she’s in the stroller, but here she is in the car seat. What a cutie pie! She is sooo itty bitty, it’s amazing how small she is.

We ended up going to a couple of my doctor’s appointments (for some immigration paperwork and stuff), and got some lunch and went to Canadian Tire to get a trash can for her room (didn’t realize we’d need a trash can.. weird thing to overlook in a baby’s room). The whole time, she was completely asleep. People were cooing over her and she didn’t even notice. It was cute. Everyone wants a peek at a newborn baby.

When we got home, she had a nice, long talk with Daddy. She loves when we talk to her. She stares intently at us, and participates every so often with some grunts and random noises. I can’t wait till she starts cooing back at us. Hehe. Daddy also likes tickling her, which she doesn’t appreciate but tolerates, until he overdoes it and she starts yelling at him — these one-time squeaks and yelps that lets him know it’s not okay to tickle someone who is defenseless. Heh.

After an early dinner with The Mama’s boobage, she was really tired. With a biiiig yawn, she went straight to sleep. Again. I hope this doesn’t mean she’s gonna be up all night again. O.o