Today is a Good Day

Dear Baby,

Today is a good day. I woke up at a decent time, after a decent sleep (which is really up for grabs every night — we never know if your mother gets enough sleep on any given night). For breakfast, I had left over fried rice from last night’s dinner, that your father so generously made for me. It’s surprising how much I love fried onions and the smell of it right now, while carrying you, especially given how much I claim to loathe onions before you even existed as a Bean. Your father’s fried rice is one of the best out there. And he’s not even Asian. You will be proud, baby, you will be proud of your father’s cooking. He definitely likes to do it more often than I do.

For lunch, your father treated me to some lovely egg and cheese sandwiches, all freshly made by his truly. You will love cheese, I think, seeing as how you already crave it even though I protest how much I dislike it on a regular basis. For whatever reason, you change everything that I have always known about myself. You take over me, completely and fully. The lunch was very good, and your father treats me very well while you are busy creating hair and plumping yourself up. I can’t imagine that this pattern of treating us well will stop after you are born. Your father has promised both of us that you will eat very well in his presence — with lots of good food that comes with lots of cheese (it must be the European side of him, and therefore the European side of you), maybe even some berries and strawberries to boot even though your mother abhors them. You will also love sauces, apparently, according to your father. And much to my dismay, I will try not to influence my bad eating habits onto you. I hope you don’t inherit my crazy eating rituals, and develop Picky Eating Syndrome.

Today is a good thing, Baby. You move lots, and you flip whenever you hear me preparing food. I am amused by your sense of humor and your absolute control over everything I do. There is no room to spare in this head of mine for anything else but you. And we are eating well, thanks to your father. Don’t forget to give him a smile and a kiss when you make your debut in a couple of months.

Your mother

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Last night, at approximately 3am, I experienced what I believe was my first Braxton Hicks contraction. It was a very sharp pain on my lower right side, and my tummy was rock hard. It lasted for about 30 to 40 seconds, and then it was okay. It caught my breath and I actually held it until I realized that the head nurse who taught our prenatal childbirth class told us to continue to breathe to bare through the pain. By the time I did that, the contraction was just about over. I went back to sleep.

Boy, if it gets much worse than this during labor, I’m gonna be in trouble. Heh. I’m preparing myself now!

Prenatal Class

Welp, are you interested in what I’m lookin’ like these days? From the skinny little itty bitty Helen to the big, bad, pregnant lady! At 31 weeks, I’m smaller than a lot of pregnant women still, but keep in mind that I’ve already gained approximately 23 pounds (since last I checked about a week ago).

Yesterday we went to our prenatal childbirth class at the hospital. We opted for the whole-day class versus the 6-week 2-hour-each evening classes. Some things could’ve been explained in 2 minutes versus half an hour, and I could’ve lived without having to watch videos on “don’t hurt your child” and “why it’s good to wear seat belts,” but overall, it went well. We learned a lot about different types of labor complications, how to tell contractions, what to do when they happen, when to go to the hospital, WHERE to go when the time has come, different types of medication and relaxation drugs during labor (if needed). They really helped in alleviating a lot of my fears about labor. We even got to meet a day-old newborn little girl. The nurse gave her a bath while we watched, and she taught us how to clean her and stuff. She was so adorable and her little screechy cry just melted my heart. It just made the whole experience that much more real.

New Doctor

Yesterday, we checked ourselves into the hospital nearby and met the maternity ward team. We were assigned a delivery doctor (who happens to be male, but is also the Director of Medicine at the hospital!), and met him for the first time. He seemed very nice, accommodating, and knew what he was talking about. I believe we’re in good hands with our little bundle of joy with him. I would have preferred a female, but I think I prefer the Director of Medicine over just some random female doctor anyway. Heh. Everything checked out normal. I go back in two weeks.