29th Week Ultrasound

So today we went for our 29th week ultrasound. Bean is normally developing, albeit just a little small. She is healthy, proportionate, active, and OH SO CUTE!! She’s small because her Mama’s small. Heh. It runs in the genes. She weighs approximately 2.5 pounds. Due date is still the same. Here are some of the ultrasound photos we took home with us. The last two are actually in 3D. Ain’t it bizarre?! Look at her chubby cheeks!

(3D photo of her face)

(3D photo of her face: look at her all squishy!)

29th Week

Well, it looks like the 29th week is going well so far. At the beginning of last week (the 28th week), I was feeling very light-headed and very tired. The 3rd trimester is in full force now. I even ended up skipping out on yoga last week because I was too tired and dizzy to be bothered to leave the house. I ended up cancelling an appointment because of it too, last Tuesday. I spoke with my doctor about it and she said it is fine because all of my vitals came back positive, and all the blood work indicated that everything was normal. She said if it continued, I should definitely contact her again. Looks like it stopped mid-week last week, so that is quite a blessing.

I am finding myself lacking of that wonderful energy burst though. Now is a good time to start practicing taking care of myself so that I can take care of Baby Bean. I’m eating well, still, and I’m trying to drink lots of water and eating more fruits and veggies… though that ice cream cone does sound good right about now.

Bloodwork & Hiccups

Yesterday I went in for my regular prenatal visit with Dr. Hall. Everything was normal, but Doc wanted me to go in for another ultrasound because my uterus is measuring a little smaller for 28 weeks. She said it’s most likely because I’m so small, and therefore will have a smaller baby anyway. Plus, Bean’s a girl, so she’ll probably take after her mother with the smaller bone structure. To be safe, though, I have an ultrasound appointment on Monday. Will give me a chance to see Bean again! I just love going to ultrasounds. It’s like taking a peak into her world. She must not have a lot of space in there anymore. Heh.

I also did a bunch of blood work. I really hate getting needle poked, but I was a big girl and took it like a champ. Or so they said. Heh. I was tested for gestational diabetes and my hormone level and my thyroiditis issue. The thyroids seem to have gone back to normal, and everything else was fine as well. I don’t have gestational diabetes. As expected. Heh.

Last night, I had the roughest time sleeping. I didn’t actually get to physical sleep until 3am. I tried going into the living room to read and hope that it would make me sleepier. I drifted on and off and eventually climbed back into bed at 3am. I cancelled my morning appointment because I was too damn tired to move. So now I’m just staying home and resting for a bit. I had a couple of dizzy spells last night when I got home from work. Doc said it was probably due to the hormone changes during the 3rd trimester. I just gotta lay around a whole lot.

28 weeks seem kinda hard. O.o Heh. I feel better today but I still feel very exhausted.

The one wonderful thing, though, about not being able to sleep last night was around 2am, I felt these rhythmic little twitches inside my uterus. My tummy started hiccuping. Heh. Bean was having hiccups! It was the cutest thing ever! I felt it for a good few minutes. It seemed to be annoying her too, as she tried shifting back and forth to get comfortable. After about 5 minutes, the hiccups stopped and she went to sleep. My poor baby. I can’t wait to hold her!

27th Week

So today, I officially reach the 3rd trimester. Wow. I can’t believe it went by so fast. The first few months seemed to have gone so slowly and now all of a sudden, I’m 27 weeks along! Only 13 weeks to go before my due date. That’s a little over 3 more months and Baby Bean will be here.

Last week I had my regular prenatal doctor’s visit, and again we heard the heartbeat. The doctor was also able to see the position Bean was in at the time, by feeling my belly and stuff from the outside. She was upside down, with her head pointing downwards and her legs and feet kicking up towards my ribs. I felt the kicks as she was so rudely disturbed by all that probing. Hehe. Poor girl. And then afterwards, she settled down and went back to sleep. That’s my girl!

I’ve come to sort of compensate for my inability to sleep at night. It appears that I can only sleep really restfully starting at around 4 or 5am. So now I don’t make any appointments (if I can help it) for work until at least 10am. That gives me a longer morning to just sleep it through so I can get my hours. It makes for very tired, and confused, grumpy mornings, but it appears to be getting just a tad better.

As for you ladies out there who warned me about the chest area during pregnancy, all I can say is: I believe you now. I’ve gone from a 32A to a 36B. Somehow I got wider. I’ve gained a total of 20 pounds so far, and now it’s around a pound a week extra. Yo boy!