Food is Awesome

Now that I’m 18 weeks, I’m starting to feel more and more what everyone’s been talking about. Mainly the “eating and eating and eating.” I am hungry approximately every 2 hours — like, meal-time hungry. I’m eating about 4 or 5 times a day, big meals. In between those meals, I’m constantly munching and drinking water. Everything tastes a thousand times better than it ever has before. Water tastes like it comes from the Mt. Olympus, the spring of the Gods themselves. Seriously, no joke! Everything tastes as if it’s organically made, grown in fields of gold or something. It’s ridiculously awesome. Even day-old, stale, cold pizza tastes like the best damn food ever made. As if we should all be having day-old, stale, cold pizza everyday of our lives!

I hope this stage lasts throughout the pregnancy. Food is awesome.

Boss Reaction

I was reading this article called “How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant”, and I gotta say – I’m one of those lucky ones who work in a family-oriented, understanding non-profit agency. I had no concerns telling my boss that I’m pregnant (in fact, I have a feeling she was expecting it any day since the wedding). For me, it was a matter of how I was going to tell her — in email form, running into her office screaming “I’M PREGNANT I’M PREGNANT!”, or calmly and matter-of-factly, or hide it somewhere in between regular sentences, like, “So my client said that she is having difficulty with rent, and I’m pregnant, and so I told her we’d be able to help with that using our concrete funds…”

In the end, this is how I did it: I made up a sign that read, “I’M PREGNANT!” and marched over to her office. She was in there with one of my counseling colleagues, having supervision time. I held up the sign against her front window — the one she faces from her desk. I stood beside the sign with a big, giant smile on my face. She looked up at me, read the sign, furrowed her brow, then her jaw dropped a million miles down, and she froze in shock for a good 10 seconds. Then when it finally hit her, she squealed up and started beckoning me to come inside. She gave me a big, giant hug and said she was so happy for me and that she can”t wait to see me gigantic since I’m so teeny tiny. Heh.

I’m one of those lucky ones who don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll still have a job if I get pregnant, or if they’ll find me “redundant” and “unuseful.” It’s America, after all, and these types of offices and work spaces don’t come easy. My boss now asks me every week how I’m feeling, asks to see my tummy, squeals in delight when she realizes I’ve gotten bigger since she last saw me. It’s quite awesome, really.

For You

My darling Baby Bean, this is dedicated to you. This is me trying my darndest to keep things positive so that my worries don”t overwhelm me, and in turn envelop you. This is me giving my positive energy to you, my child, my love..

- You are beautiful, Baby Bean.
- You are wonderful.
- You are healthy.
- You will be born healthy.
- You will grow and learn to love and be loved.
- You are perfect in every way.
- You are the little love of my life.
- You are my baby.
- You are perfect.
- You are perfect.
- You are healthy, healthy, healthy.
- You have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.
- You have a healthy, beating heart and a straight, durable spine.
- You have a forming brain that will encompass the world and take it over.
- You are alive, you will continue to live, you will grace this earth until old, old age.
- You are perfect, you are healthy, you are wonderful, you are beautiful.
- You are mine, and I take care of you, I love you, I value you, I am graced by you.

With love and motherly respect to you,
Your Mommy

Blood Work & Honeycomb

I’m 17 weeks along today! Woohoo!! I will be posting the updated tum photos under the sub-category link: “TUM.PHOTOS” later. Check it out soon.

Yesterday, I went to have my blood work done, most notably for that triple serum thingie that the doctors keep talking about, in order to find out the odds that Baby Bean would have a birth defect. Hopefully it will go fine. The test makes me very anxious, but after Dave and I talked about it thoroughly, going back and forth whether or not to test (there are false positives, which makes it hard on a lot of pregnant parents because they’re panicking over nothing, and if it’s true positive, you may not be able to do anything about it), we decided it would be better to have the test and know for sure, so we can prepare ourselves should the worst case scenario happens. Dude. This pregnancy thing really brings out the worrying Mama in me. Please keep us in your good thoughts, and send Bean loving, positive, healthy energy. Thanks!

I’ve been craving honeycomb cereal and milk. I think that’s a good thing because Dave gets me the whole grain wheat kind, and I hear a lot of pregnant women need more calcium in their diet as they get bigger, to share with the baby for strong bones and teeth while Bean is developing. I normally hate milk, but I like it in my cereal, and honeycomb cereal just makes me drool all over myself. Heh. Poor Husband last night had to go out at 9pm because I had a sudden craving for it after dinner. I was literally hungry again after 3 hours of a big dinner that I made for us both. The eating frenzy begins!!