The 20-Week Ultrasound

Hi there! Oh what wonderful wonderful news we’ve got. We went for our second ultrasound appointment yesterday, and guess what? We found out what sex Bean is! On top of that, the most important part is: Bean is incredibly healthy and normal (and as they say, “normal” is always good in medicine). Five fingers on each hand, five toes on each cute little foot. I felt Bean kick at the same time as seeing it, so that was the most awesome thing in the world. At one point, the little stinker had the hiccups, so we were able to see that too. It was SO adorable! Bean even did a yoga stance for us, showing off to the proud Mommy. The whole ultrasound took about an hour, with measurements of every bone we can find for Bean, and measurements of the head and spine and bum and heart and stuff. Everything is perfect and where it is supposed to be. We were both so overwhelmed with joy and love that we both started crying when we first saw Bean.

We won’t be announcing the sex of the baby just yet. We’d like for you to take a short questionnaire in order to find out the sex first. I’m going to be printing out all the answers and putting them in Bean’s baby book, and will be sharing it with Bean when s/he can read and talk and stuff. It will be wonderful for Bean to know just how loved s/he is even before the birth. :) So please take the questionnaire. The sex will be revealed afterwards.

Without further ado, here are some of the ultrasound photos:

(like mother, like baby)

Gaining Weight

Yesterday was my monthly prenatal appointment with my doctor in B’ham. I’ve gained 3 pounds in the last month, and 8 pounds in total since the pregnancy. Woo hoo!! I was afraid I’d lose weight, or not gain at all, but I’m glad I’m gaining, as that has always been an issue with me since I was a child.

We also got to hear Bean’s heart beat again. It is 160 beats per minute right now. Dr. H had to chase Bean around in my uterus — seems as though s/he was playing hide and seek or something with the heartbeat monitor. It was really cute. We’d hear a “whooosh” on the left side of my tummy, so Dr. H would chase it to the right side of my tummy, and then suddenly — bup-bup bup-bup bup-bup. It was awesome. The highlight of every month, I swear. And what’s more, I brought Jenbug with me so she can hear the heartbeat too, and I also called Dave on the phone at work. He heard the heartbeat for the first time over the phone. It was the most amazing thing ever. So cool.

We’ve got an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday to find out the sex of the baby. This will be very, very exciting! Everyone place your bets and let the guessing game begin! Boy or girl? Girl or boy? What do you think Bean is?

Blood Work & Honeycomb

I’m 17 weeks along today! Woohoo!! I will be posting the updated tum photos under the sub-category link: “TUM.PHOTOS” later. Check it out soon.

Yesterday, I went to have my blood work done, most notably for that triple serum thingie that the doctors keep talking about, in order to find out the odds that Baby Bean would have a birth defect. Hopefully it will go fine. The test makes me very anxious, but after Dave and I talked about it thoroughly, going back and forth whether or not to test (there are false positives, which makes it hard on a lot of pregnant parents because they’re panicking over nothing, and if it’s true positive, you may not be able to do anything about it), we decided it would be better to have the test and know for sure, so we can prepare ourselves should the worst case scenario happens. Dude. This pregnancy thing really brings out the worrying Mama in me. Please keep us in your good thoughts, and send Bean loving, positive, healthy energy. Thanks!

I’ve been craving honeycomb cereal and milk. I think that’s a good thing because Dave gets me the whole grain wheat kind, and I hear a lot of pregnant women need more calcium in their diet as they get bigger, to share with the baby for strong bones and teeth while Bean is developing. I normally hate milk, but I like it in my cereal, and honeycomb cereal just makes me drool all over myself. Heh. Poor Husband last night had to go out at 9pm because I had a sudden craving for it after dinner. I was literally hungry again after 3 hours of a big dinner that I made for us both. The eating frenzy begins!!

150 bpm

Today I had my 14 and 6/7 week doctor’s appointment (meaning, I am exactly 15 weeks along tomorrow with Baby Bean). I woke up feeling the strangest thing – I was lying on my back with my hand on my lower abdomen, and I pressed down slight to feel the bulge. I thought, for a brief few seconds, that I could feel Baby Bean’’s heartbeat under the palm of my hand. It was considerably faster than my own heartbeat, and I was very excited. I’m not sure if it was my imagination or if it truly was Baby Bean right underneath my layers of skin and his/her amniotic fluid.

So when I went to the doctor, I asked Dr. Hall if it was my imagination, and she smiled and said it probably was. :P Or that I was feeling my own heartbeat. She said it wasn’t possible at this early stage to be able to “feel” Bean’s heartbeat just yet, and that the baby has a lot of room right now to swim around in the amniotic sac. Well, then. I don’t care what she says, I could have sworn I felt Bean’’s heartbeat! :P

In other news, she used the doppler again and we were able to hear Bean’s heartbeat. It was so loud, and so fast. 150 beats per minute now. I love hearing that little flickering heart go. I just love. it. It’s the highlight of my prenatal doctor visits.