18 Months Old

Our Lily is 18 months old. Everyday is a new day, everyday she learns something new, everyday is becoming harder and harder to catch up with her. Soon, at this rate, she will be smarter than us by the time she’s five!! Not only has she been reading since she was 10 months old, now she also knows all of her colors, her shapes (even “half circle” and “crescent”), her phonics, she can count from 1 to 20, and she is now a singer too!

Here’s another video of her reading a bit more clearly:

From the get-go, we’ve been singing to her a lot. I think somehow, this has ingrained in her the love for music and harmony. We’ve also noticed in the past couple of months that songs are connected to emotions for her. We were stunned when one day, Daddy decided to sing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” to her after not singing it to her since she was about 6 months old, and she started tearing up at a high note. We thought something was wrong, but she looked at her Daddy and asked for a hug and kiss, and asked him to sing the song again. So he did, and sure enough, at the certain high note, she teared up again and suddenly started full blown sobbing, asking him to finish the song. She clung onto him, giving him a huge hug, and gave him teary kisses. What a sweet girl. We were stunned that a song can bring such emotion out of her, and equally stunned that she remembered this song from her very early babyhood months.

We’ve recently found that certain songs will evoke out of her strong, emotional responses as well. For example, the way Sarah McLachlan sings “Silent Night” makes her teary-eyed, and she demands cuddles with Mommy while she listens to the song. When I sing “You are my sunshine” to her when it’s not bedtime (it is our routine bedtime song before I put her down to sleep), she tears up and sings along. She is quite the sensitive child. Such beautiful, emotional responses. We are stunned, and so proud.

Then, out of nowhere, she decides that she can sing the songs we’ve been singing with her. Word for word, in her own baby accent. It started with just the end words of the verses, and suddenly she just went for it and sang whole songs while we were singing them.

Here she is singing the “ABC” song in its entirety:

Here she is singing the Railroad song with her daddy:

We also went through a whirlwind of a Christmas holiday. Our house sold right before Christmas, and we spent the majority of December house hunting for a new home! In the midst of all of that, we almost forgot about Christmas! But, we were right on time to putting up our Christmas tree (about a week before Christmas):

The haul we got for Christmas was absolutely ridiculous. Most of this stuff belonged to Lily, of course. We couldn’t stop ourselves from getting her more and more and more and so much more. And apparently, neither could all her aunts and uncles and grandparents!

One of the coolest things Lily got this year for Christmas was her rocking horse!

This year, like last, my sister Sophie, who is Lily’s Auntie “Bopee,” visited for Christmas for two weeks. Lily had the pleasure (much to my sister’s grunting dismay) of waking her Auntie Bopee up every morning with a kiss and a lot of loud toddler talking:

For Christmas, we all went to Nana’s (my mother-in-law) house for Christmas Eve dinner and opening presents from the aunts and uncles. On Christmas Day, this was our first year hosting Christmas dinner!! It went so well, and we even cooked and prepared food. We may have a repeat of this next Christmas as well! I was nervous about it, but it went without a hitch! Lily loved having people over, and she was ecstatic to be a hostess. Unfortunately, amongst all the craziness, I forgot to take pictures for our Christmas day dinner, but here are some from Christmas Eve:

Lily with her great-granny, Lilias (who she was named after, and who she affectionately calls “Ganny”):

One of the things we did while Auntie Bopee was here (one involving ME going SKIING.. I know, crazy, right?) was go to Vancouver’s Chinatown. It’s one of our favorite places to visit because of its familiarity to our roots. Lily loved the Chinese and Japanese zen garden!

The holidays have come and gone, and now we are just wrapping up the first month of 2010, hopefully with some positive news about a new house to be moved into at the end of February! We have something in mind, but nothing is finalized yet, so we are hoping for the best. Lily has gone to every house hunting escapade with us, and has given her own version of a seal of approval (does it have STAIRS that she can climb up and down on?!) on several homes. Here’s us keeping our fingers crossed!!

In the meantime, our Lily continues to grow… and grow… and grow. She is sleeping 11-12 hours a night. She still has her regular naps every afternoon around 1pm. She eats voraciously and she gives hugs and kisses openly. One day I tried counting how many words she can say, and I lost count at about 9am after about 80 words. So who knows how many she can say. It seems like her growth is exponential. She follows directions really well. She sometimes has tantrums. She definitely has a mind of her own and can be very, very stubborn. She’s a little firecracker and a little bulldozer. She is ALWAYS, always on the move. However, our Lily shows us constantly that she is kind and compassionate to others’ needs. She shares wonderfully and she likes to include other people in what she does. She has opinions about what she wants to read and what she wants to play. She greets people openly when we’re out and about. She knows several words in Vietnamese and affectionately calls my parents “Ngoai” without an accent (except her baby accent, of course). She says her “please” when she wants something, and is learning to say “thank you” every time after she gets something. She is our little sweetheart. She is loving, and we’re amazed at what a warm spirit she is. However, she also definitely has a mind of her own. We’re amazed how much stubborn she can be when she wants something, and she seems to have a very clear sense of what is “right” and “wrong.” We have so many speculations about what she would be like as she gets older, but most of all, we are just so excited and ecstatic to be able to be part of her world and see her grow.

13.5 Months Old

Lily is just about 13.5 months old now. She is doing so many different things, it’s hard to keep up with her. She dropped her morning nap about a week and a half or so ago, so now we are dealing with the full-on transition. She’s been transitioning for about two weeks prior to that, and then she just didn’t want to take her afternoon nap if she had a morning nap, so she’d end up going about 7 hours without a nap. Too much for a little baby! So we decided to drop her first morning nap and move her afternoon nap early to break her day a little more evenly. She took to it very well, as she does to usually everything else (give or take a few times of practice). Now, she consistently has one nap everyday, and most of them go for 2 hours. Sometimes 3 if we’re lucky. She is also sleeping through the night — has been for a couple of months now. She is really easy to get down for her naps and her bedtimes. At night, she sleeps 12-13 hours each night. It’s a blessing. And she never cries regarding sleep anymore.

Lily is learning new things everyday. Dave is still staying home with her on weekdays, while I’m at work, and poor guy is absolutely exhausted. He is such a good daddy — it amazes me how much he can do. I would have loved to be the one to stay home with her, but if I can’t, I wouldn’t have been able to choose a better daddy to stay home with my little girl. He does so well with her — they have educational activities, sing-along times, snacks and lunchtimes (all healthy), and even outings and walks to the beach and the park. Sometimes they have outings with Nana and Granny too. Their days are pretty full. I am very impressed with how well Dave is doing at home with her. Plus, he even does all the daily chores like laundry and dishes!



Lily knows how to read various words, as usual. We are also teaching her the ABCs, both phonetically as well as what they are called. She sings along as best she can when we sing the ABCs together. She also knows her colors and some of her numbers. When someone asks her, “How old are you?” she holds out a finger to show that she is “one” year old. She signs pleases and thank yous when she wants and receives something (sometimes when she is cranky, she tries to skip the please, but we have been insisting that she doesn’t get what she wants when she whines or yells). When she is done with a meal, she signs “all done” as well as speak the words, “Ah-Da! Ah-Da! Ah-Da!” over and over again. She is pretty insistent when she is “all done” with something.

She knows her routine backwards and forwards. It is amazing how much this girl learns. When we tell her it’s time to go out, she walks to her room to get her shoes, and then sits down on one of our laps and holds up her feet so that we can put her shoes on. When we come home, we take off her shoes, and she puts them back where they belong in her room (right into the little cubby box too!). At approximately 6:30pm to 7:00pm every night, she marches straight to the bathroom and to the bathtub, declaring, “Ba! Ba! Ba!” signaling to me that it is her “bath” time before her bedtime reading. Then before her bedtime reading and cuddles with Mommy (and maybe a last bottle of the night), she marches to find her daddy to give him a “hug and kiss goodnight.”

When it is meal time, our little Lily gets her hands washed for foodage, and then she marches over to her high chair, taps on it, and sometimes signs “Please,” signaling that it is time to eat. She also knows how to clean up after herself. When she is done playing, as long as we remind her, she puts all her toys away in their respective places. She knows to put all the bristo blocks in the “green box” and all her musical toys in the “wooden box” and all the other toys in her “toy box.” When you ask her where her toys are, she marches over to her toy box and points inside.

Miss Lily loves to be tickled. She thinks it’s hilarious. Recently, she has learned to tickle others as well. She would walk cautiously towards you, fingers out, getting into tickle position, and then suddenly you’d feel a soft little hand trying to tickle your sides, or your stomach, or your shoulder. If you’re lucky, she’ll also march over to give you a biiiigggg hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mommy and Daddy are usually very lucky. :)

Miss Lily has also been learning to play various games with us. The other day, Daddy thought it would be cute to teach her how to play Wii Music, so we got the game out, and after a few tries, she got it pretty quickly that she was supposed to shake the control in order for the music to come on.

We’re still getting the logistics ironed out, but she’s doing so good for her first time!

This past weekend, we went to the PNE in Vancouver. It’s a type of fair / playland / roller coaster park thing here. We specifically wanted to take Lily to the farm animals, the petting zoo area. She’s never met farm animals before, though she sees them in photos and pictures and on the tv screen whenever we show them to her. We wanted her to see them in real life, in real form, in real sizes. She was absolutely amused, and had a grand ol’ time trying to chase them all around.



Our little baby girl is growing so fast. We love her to bits!

Random Small Update

Some new things for Lily, not in order.

She’s dancing and singing:

She’s playing tricks and games with us:

And, of course, she loves her bunny. Like, LOVE it. It’s her best friend.

Bunny Love

She’s also randomly giving hugs and kisses, especially hugs. We love those random hugs. They’re very awesome.

This isn’t much of an update, but we’ve been very busy chasing around a certain toddler. Seriously, she moves. Very fast.

1st Birthday

There have been many, many milestones in the last couple of weeks, it seems. Lily turned 1 whole year today, and life couldn’t be more interesting for the Edwards family. Lily is growing so fast, and she is learning so much, and showing us so much that we’re amazed at how quickly this time seems to go. I can’t believe it has already been one whole year since her birth. This time last year, we were in the hospital, recovering from a difficult labor, and we had no idea what was in store for us. We are so in love with this little girl. Judging by how happy she is all the time, I think she gets just how much we love her.

From July 4th to July 11th, we went to Southern California, partly to celebrate her birthday with my side of the family, and partly to celebrate summer vacation with Dave’s side of the family at Disneyland. The trip went very well, though some parts of it were stressful, as it was ssooo packed full throughout the entire time. Lily did soooo well with sleep and going with the flow. She dropped a bottle throughout the week, but ended up eating a WHOLE lot more solids, so things seem to balance out. She can’t seem to get enough of food, especially on the go. She seems to be eating twice as much food as she did just a week ago, so this is new to us, and we can’t say we’re not pleased!

Now that we’ve unpacked everything and the house looks decent again, I have some time to do some updates while our lovely little Lily sleeps.

Lily has learned how to wave on command (it resembles a bit of the queen’s wave), say “hi” on command, walk more steadily and longer (she walks EVERYwhere now), express herself when she wants something and doesn’t want something, can point to things she wants (though most of the time she just hollers at us till we get it.. heh), can read more words, can say more words (cat, hi, ngoai [Vietnamese for Grandma]), can mimic a word if you ask her to say it, can point to herself when she sees a photo of herself, she can nod and shake her head to questions, she can drink out of a straw, etc. etc. I can’t even remember all the things she’s doing now because they seem to come on so fast and so quickly, all bunched together.

Some pictures from the trip….

Lily’s first flight!

Lily was very awesome on the plane, even though she was very, very, VERY tired. Like, exhausted. She slept on the flight to California, but didn’t on the flight back to Vancouver.

In fact, Lily slept most of the trip at Disneyland and California Adventure Park. She got some kiddie rides in, though.

In front of Disneyland!

In front of California Adventure Park!

Daddy and Lily in California Adventure Park.

Daddy and Lily at LAX on our way back to Vancouver on July 11.

And for pictures from today, her actual birthday. We had a small family celebration and Kendra and Addie were also able to join us for a bit of it for some present opening and cake eating. Most of the family are still on holiday in California, so we’ll do a family thing when they get back within the next couple of weeks. Then, in the evening, we went to visit Granny (the person whom she was named after — Lilias) in the hospital.

Lily got a water/sand tray from us for her birthday. It was too cold out to be filled with either right now, but she certainly was interested!

She opened the other presents from us while Kendra and little Addie were here.

Some bath and water toys!

A baby pool with cover!

She also loved the Elmo birthday card we got — it especially tasted good, she said.

Then the two babies got ready for some cake. “We want cake! We want cake!”

We sang her happy birthday, to which she was amused and curious about.

Then it was cake eating time! Yay! She wasn’t afraid of the cake this time, which was great. She saw what Addie was doing, and she learned to do it too.

The end product of the birthday cake after the babies got their hands on it.

Then we went to see Great Granny in the hospital! Great Granny was ssooo happy to receive hugs and kisses galore!

The Walking Lily

Sooo many different updates to make. I hardly have any time anymore. We are making quick and last-minute preparations for our California trip in a week’s time. I’m so excited, but I’m also a little bit stressed out. Oi!

Anyway, the latest milestone for our Lily is that she can walk. She’s been taking more and more steps, and now she’s just going for it! She still prefers to hold our hand, but she’s doing less and less of that as the hours go by!