The Big News

For those of you who are still following this site, we’ve got a big announcement to make!


Great and Exciting Things

Some great and exciting things this year for The Lily.

- She turned FOUR in July!! FOUR??!!! Where has the time gone?!
- She started karate classes.
- She started soccer lessons.
- She started her second year of preschool.
- She started official dance lessons with a dance and music academy.
- She has started reading chapter books.
- She was given her very first set of chores: letting Tink out of the bathroom when we come home, and giving Tink her daily water.
- She has a best friend from school.
- She still doesn’t like to swim and won’t put her head under water. :P
- She had Rapunzel the princess host her birthday party!
- She’s met Ariel the princess at another birthday party!
- She met Snow White at a community charity event!

Lily Moments 2012

I keep forgetting to update this blog about our Lily moments…

Lily: “Mom, does my breath smells good? *exhales*”
Mommy: “It smells okay, I guess..?”
Lily: “Let me smell yours!”
Mommy: “*Exhales*”
Lily: “^.O It smells TERRIBLE! Did you brush your teeth?”
Mommy: “O.o I did!”
Lily: “Then does it just stay smelling terrible all the time? You can’t help it?”

Everyone’s a critic. :P

Sept 3, 2012

August 27, 2012:

Lily: “I sure wish I can meet Lucy Hale.”
Mommy: “Lucy Hale? Who’s she?”
Lily: “She’s the actress in the Cinderella Story Once Upon a Song. I think it would be really nice to meet her for real.”
Mommy: “You know her real name..?!”
Lily: “Yeah. And her evil stepsister in the movie is really Megan Park. I think she’s really nice in real life.”
Mommy: “Megan Park?!”
Lily: “Yeah. Isn’t that a funny name for a real person?”
Mommy: “Who else is in the movie?”
Lily: “Freddie Stroma plays the nice prince. He sings that Knockin’ song.”

Kay, so apparently, she’s been reading the credits of the movies she watches to see who plays the parts. O.o

August 25, 2012:

Lily: “Where’s my cousin Nick (Nick Terris), Mommy?”
Mommy: “Well, he’s around, babe.”
Lily: “He doesn’t live with Reilly? Or his mommy?”
Mommy: “No, he lives on his own now.”
Lily: “Why? He was just a TEENAGER when I first met him!”
Mommy: “Yeah, now he’s an adult. Neat, huh?”
Lily: “……… Does he look different now?”

August 17, 2012:

While playing Super Special Agent Secret Detective…

Mommy: “What are we doing now, Special Agent Lily?!!”
Lily: “We are chasing the evil scientist in his evil science room, where he has invisible mean robots!!!! (aka Daddy is the evil scientist :P )
Mommy: “Oh! How will we fight them off?!”
Lily: “Well.. well, WELL! We have our very own GOOD invisible robots!!”
Mommy: “How will we know which ones are evil?”
Lily: “Well, we just ask them, of course.”

August 12, 2012:

Lily’s first time camping:

- Lily got to see her first shooting stars (3, in fact! and on the best night of the year!)
- Pointing out the “crescent moon” and how bright Jupiter looks in the pitch black
- Hanging out with her best friend Savannah (whose mom also happens to be my best friend!)
- Seeing the sunrise with my baby girl for the first time ever
- Pitching up a SUPER BIG 3-room tent

- Cuddle sleeping and cozying up outside
- “Mama, the river sure looks beautiful, doesn’t it?”
- “Mama, I love you, and you give the best cuddles.”

- Lily cried because she missed our cat, Tink
- Not eating dinner OR breakfast
- Getting a fever in the middle of the night :(
- Getting about 3 hours o sleep O.o
- Crashing when we got home next morning

Lily said she doesn’t like camping – she missed her own bed and her cat, Tink, too much.

“What if a FEROCIOUS monster with sharp teeth got Tink?!”

“I made THREE wishes, Mommy.”
“What were the wishes, baby?”
“I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true! Oh wait! But I made THREE of the same wishes on each shooting star I saw. So I can actually tell you one of those, and I still have two left! I made a wish that I would meet my handsome prince, and he is kind and handsome and we will fall in love and never fall out of love, ever. And we’ll live happily ever after.”

Sweetest. Girl. Ever.

August 7, 2012:

*Lily getting in and out of her dinner seat, in and out, in and out*

Mommy: “LIillLLYYYYYyyy!! Get back in your seat and eat your dinnneerrrr!!”
Lily: “But.. I just wanted to give you a hug because you’re such a beautiful mommy.” *proceeds to give me hug*

Sneak. :P

August 6, 2012:

During bedtime routine, Lily went to hide after she called me up to her room to give her a hug and kiss goodnight.

Mommy: “Well, I guess since this is such a lovely comfortable bed here, I’m just going to fall asleep.”

*… after a minute of waiting to see if I’d get up…*

Lily JUMPS OUT of her hiding spot, yelling, “SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget about me??! Remember me?!! I’m the washcloth girl!! You JUST cleaned my face!!!! Lilias Edwards, remember??!!!”

August 6, 2012:

Lily: “It was very nice that you woke me up last night, Daddy, to watch the Mars rover land! Will you wake me up when there is a VENUS rover.. or even a PLUTO rover??!!”
Daddy: “You wanna be up for that, babe? Of COURSE I’ll wake you up!”
Mommy: “Is Pluto farther or closer to the sun, Lily?”
Lily: “Farther away, of course. What a silly question.”


August 6, 2012:

While eating her Smarties dessert after dinner…

Daddy: “You better hurry up and eat those… Or I’m going to get them..!!”
Lily: “NO, Daddy. Don’t! That’s just… INCONCEIVABLE!!!!”

August 5, 2012:

While coming back to Canada from the states, chatting with the border patrol officer…

Officer: “Anything to declare?”
MIL: “Nope.”
Officer: “Okay. You may go.”
Officer: “Wait wait, ma’am. WHAT did that little girl say? Excuse me, what did you say [to Lily]?”
Lily: “…… Oh.. um.. er… they told us we were going to see WHALES today but there were no WHALES! We’ve been TRICKED!! And LIED TO!!!”

July 30, 2012:

Mommy: “Lily, it’s time for lunch. Please go wash your hands and clean up your toys. Then you can sit down for lunch.”
Lily: “*siiigghh* Sometimes, I don’t like having a boss. I have TWO! I never asked for this.”

Lily’s First Day of Preschool Part II

The face Lily gave me is a result of this conversation:

Mommy/Daddy: “This is your first day of school! Aren’t you excited??!!”
Lily: “But, I already WENT to school before. This isn’t my first day! (referring to her first day of preschool LAST year when she was 3 years old)”
Mommy/Daddy: “Well, every year, you have a new first day of school, starting a new grade.”
Lily: “But I’m still in preschool?”
Mommy/Daddy: “Well.. um, yes. This year is a bit different since you’re in your second year of preschool. But next year, you will start kindergarten!?”
Lily: “Then, I’ve already done this before. This isn’t my first day. That’s just silly.”

Hence, the look she gave me when I got all excited and took her picture. :P

More Lily Moments

Lily moments must be remembered forever, and recorded, because they are so darn awesome. She is so witty, if I do say so myself. :)

November 21, 2011:

Lily: “Mother? Oh, mother?”
Mommy: “Yes, daughter?”
Lily: “No, call me ‘Big Girl.’”
Mommy: “Oh, I mean.. Yes, Big Girl?”
Lily: “You are the BEESSTT mommy in the wwhoollllee wide world!!”
Mommy: “Aww, thank you so much, honey.”
Lily: “No, call me ‘Big Girl.’”

November 24, 2011:

Lily: “I only like Ethan.”
Mommy: “Oh? Who’s Ethan?”
Lily: “Ethan is my BOYFRIEND!”
Mommy: “Oh? Does Ethan know that?”
Lily: “No, not yet.”
Mommy: “It might be something he should know about, babe.”

November 27, 2011:

When your 3-year-old randomly says, “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!”…. it sort of makes you suspicious. Just a wee bit.

November 28, 2011:

Mommy: “Lily, can you clean up for lunch, please?”
Lily: “Um, no thanks, Mommy. But thank you for asking.”

Lily: “I can’t WAIT to get married to my REAL prince!!!”
Daddy: “No rush. I really prefer if you wait.”
Lily: “But I just CAN’T wait!!”
Daddy: “Your real prince has to grow up first. He’s as little as you are right now. He has to grow up and become a millionaire first before he can deserve you.”
Lily: “Yeah, and I will be a millionaire first too!”

Rock on, girl.

December 1, 2011:

Daddy: “Do you need to go potty? If you need to go, you should go.”
Lily: “No, thanks. All I need is to fart.”

December 2, 2011:

Lily’s dentist appointment went FANTASTIC today. She was cooperative, got her teeth polished and painted (whatever that means?), no cavities, and opened wide whenever she was asked. She also held conversations like a big girl, and the dentist and his assistant were sooo impressed and enchanted. :) That’s my girl!

*Lily did a GIANT sneeze with food in her mouth…*
Daddy: “AAHH!! You should have covered your mouth…”
Lily: “But then it would have been all over MY arm!!”

December 3, 2011:

Lily taps on Mommy’s shoulder:
Lily: “Say, ‘AAHH!!!!’”
Mommy: “Hmm? Oh, okay…. AAHH!!!!”
Lily: “It’s just me!”
Mommy: “Oh, phew!”
Lily: “You’re silly. Why did you say ‘aahh’? It’s just me.”

Okay, I somehow forgot this our 3y/o is a genius today. She’s figured out there’s a Santa conspiracy, but she’s not quite sure what to make of it yet.

We went to the mall to get her picture retaken with Santa because the first was so ugly and overexposed (her face was as bright as her white sweater), and then went to pick up some groceries at our local PriceSmart, where they also had a Santa. Lily met Mrs. Claus there and scrutinized and interrogated Mrs. Claus about why there were two Santas, and that she just met the first at the mall. Then she went to sit on Santa #2’s lap, and when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said, “I just told you at the mall. You should know.” :P

Then, at the Christmas parade in Langley, there was a THIRD Santa and another Mrs. Claus, who unfortunately didn’t look anything like the first Mrs. Claus. So Lily asked her to reference the conversation they had at PriceSmart earlier in the day.